Therapy Dog Visits the Windows of Senior Residents Amid Coronavirus Crisis


One dog is doing his part to cheer up senior community members in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic.

During the coronavirus outbreak, Tonka, a Great Dane, is cheering up many senior center residents at Cedar Pointe Health and Wellness Suites, reported People.

Tonka may look scary, but he has a loving personality. “He has brought so much joy,” Tonka’s “mom,” Courtney Leigh said.

The big pup is a certified therapy dog with The Dog Alliance. He’s been doing therapy work for less than a year, and he and his handler make regular visits.

Due to these tough times of having to social distance, the senior center facility cannot accept visitors from family and friends. Tonka is in that category and cannot go inside due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Tonka and his trainer are making sure they are visiting residents at the window. He has been putting up his paw on the window of the senior center and saying hello to residents through the glass.

“Can we visit? Certainly, it’s a safe space with a window as a barrier just walking around the outside,” Leigh said. “We’re so excited to be able to just make them smile today.”

Leigh plans to walk outside with the pup as much as she can while the facility isn’t accepting visitors.

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