Tinder Rolling Out 'Video Chat' Feature Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


You can now swipe right to video chat.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it more difficult than ever to meet people.

With face-to-face meetings discouraged in an effort to curb the spread of the novel virus, many singles have begun experimenting with virtual dates to find their soulmates.

Popular dating app Tinder has taken notice and decided to offer users the option to video chat with matches.

On Wednesday, the online matchmaker announced that it would begin testing a “Face to Face” video feature in select markets including Virgina, Illinois, Georgia, and Colorado.

Outside of the U.S., the video chat would be tested in Australia, France, South Korea, and Chile.
"​No one should be put in the corner when it comes to getting to know a match," Tinder said in a press release. "Plus, this helps you make sure you're putting your best face forward with your match."

It's simple to use -- once two people have matched, they can agree to move onto the next step by allowing video chat, which unlocks the function.

Tinder video chat
Photo credit Tinder

For a smooth virtual date experience, the screen will be split equally between the two parties.

“Connecting face-to-face is more important than ever, and our video chat feature represents a new way for people to get to know one another in-app no matter their physical distance,” said Rory Kozoll in a statement.

Tinder is setting some ground rules that users have to agree on before using the video service: "Keep it PG: No nudity or sexual content. Keep it clean: No harassment, hate speech, violence or other illegal activity. Keep it age-appropriate: No content involving minors." The company also assured it would not record or archive video conversations.

Kozoll said the feature was talked about prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, but there wasn’t as much interest. However, there’s no better time like the present when so many users are relying on video services to connect with others.

Without an in-app video option, Tinder users have been using third party video apps to establish connections. The app hopes that the feature will eliminate the current workaround of exchanging personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or Zoom contact info to get to know someone better.

Video chatting capabilities aren’t new to dating apps. Bumble introduced a voice and video chat feature that gives women full control over a year ago. And last month, Hinge launched its in-app video. Even Facebook announced it would add virtual dating over messenger.

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