Trump campaign mistakenly sends out man's personal phone number

A former Michigan resident says his phone has been blowing up with hundreds and hundreds of phone calls and texts from angry supporters of President Donald Trump since the president's campaign included his number in a list of politicians who should be called to reverse Michigan's vote for President-Elect Joe Biden.

In social media posts, the campaign listed phone numbers for Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and House leader Lee Chatfield.

The phone number alongside Chatfield's name belongs to a private citizen who lived in Michigan until a few months ago when he moved to northern California.

The Associated Press reports the man getting the calls initially thought it was a funny situation ... until it wasn't.

In an interview with AP, the man said he tried to explain the mistaken identity to the Trump campaign and the flood of callers. But Trump supporters…“They’d argue with me. They said everything I was saying was a lie….One of them called me three times. He said, ‘Well, if you’re happening to have lunch with Chatfield or something, could you tell him?’ I said, ’No, dude, I don’t know this person.”

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