WATCH: Relationship expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer, 92, gets COVID-19 vaccine

By 1010 WINS

Iconic relationship therapist, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, received her first COVID-19 vaccine shot on Wednesday in New York City.

The 92-year-old doctor headed to the convention complex The Javits Center in Hell's Kitchen, which was one of the three state-run large sites that opened on Wednesday to administer COVID-19 vaccines.

"Hello there, I'm Dr. Ruth Westheimer," the expert says in a video tweeted by Gov. Andrew Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa.

"Guess what? 30 years, every year I come to the Javits Center for the book fair. I sign books, I give lectures and I talk and this time, I came and I just got my shot. Very well organized and I am very glad I did it. I was a little scared, to tell the truth, it’s nothing. So I'll be back here for the second shot in February."

"Thank you, Javits Center, all of you young people working here," Dr. Westheimer said.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer is a legendary radio and television personality best known for her psychosexual therapy and raunchy relationship advice. She has hosted shows such as "Dr. Ruth Show," and "Ask Dr. Ruth." The long-time celebrity therapist was born in Wiesenfeld, Germany and is a Holocaust survivor.

Less than a month ago, Pfizer and Moderna released two COVID-19 vaccines that were granted emergency use authorization. Since the vaccine's release, the number of people who have been vaccinated has been lower than expected due to public concerns about the vaccine's efficacy, as well as restrictive guidelines as to who gets priority.

Health officials and city leaders have been working to encourage people to go out and get vaccinations. Recently, Hospital and other small businesses began offering incentives to front-line healthcare workers who agree to get vaccinated after a report showed that around 30% had not received a vaccine.

Northampton County, in Pennsylvania, is offering employees at Gracedale, the county nursing home, $750 each to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

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