VIDEO: Monkey Steals Phone, Captures Vast Trove of Selfies


Selfies are so ubiquitous that even monkeys are taking them now.

A man in Malaysia found proof of the Instagram-ready primate after discovering his lost phone and finding a series of selfies and video footage taken by the monkey on the device.

Muhammad Zackrydz bin Mohd Rodzi never imagined a monkey was the culprit when he awoke to find his phone was missing.

While he initially thought it was stolen, he was later convinced it was something more sinister after finding no evidence that his home was burglarized.

“There’s no sign of robbery or something because everything is fine and my family have seen nothing, the only thing in my mind was maybe it’s some kind of sorcery or something,” he told Storyful.

Two days later, his father noticed a monkey in the backyard and threw suspicion at the mysterious simian.

“But what are the odds, right? I was sleeping at the second floor of my house, and my house was entirely locked that time,” Rodzi added.

After dialing the phone and hearing it ring in the backyard, he found the device covered in mud amid the grass.

When he checked the gallery on his phone he found a bunch of monkey selfies, time lapse and slow motion videos, and even a few shots in portrait mode. This long-tailed macaque is an influencer!

According to the New York Post, Rodiz believes the mischievous monkey got into the house from an open window in his brother’s room.

Rodiz later shared some of the primate photos and video on Twitter and soon went viral.

Just goes to show that even monkeys know the value of good content.

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