Virtual Cheating Has Increased During Coronavirus Pandemic


Have you ever thought about having a virtual affair while social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic? Apparently, some have.

In a new report released by Ashley Madison, it has been reported that even during the coronavirus pandemic people are finding ways to cheat on their partners. The website has a new tagline during this crisis, “Life is short. Have an affair.”

Ashley Madison is a platform that caters to people who are looking to have an affair.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, with many men and women isolated at home with their spouses, sign-ups on the site have increased.

Paul Keable, chief strategy officer of the website has seen an average of 17,000 new users since the global outbreak has started in the United States.

The CSO said thirty percent of women are looking for virtual sex with their side lovers. According to Ashley Madison, 14 percent of men are having virtual sex with their affair partners.

The website also offers a survey where it has been asking people if they are trying to “spice up” their sex life while sheltering in place.

The website was developed in 2001 by Noel Biderman, a Toronto native who described himself as a “happily married father of two.”

It is similar to or OkCupid, but it is known for people seeking affairs with married people or single people.

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