Walmart CEO Says People Are in the 'Hair Color' Phase of Panic Buying


First, the shelves went empty with toilet paper, disinfectants, and hand sanitizer. Now, people are grabbing all of the hair products? Yes, you read that right.

CNN Business reported that Walmart said its hair dye and hair clippers have been selling out.

In recent weeks, people's shopping patterns have changed due to the coronavirus pandemic affecting daily lives.

"You can definitely see that as people have stayed home, their focus shifted," Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said.

McMillion said after people stocked up on foods and essentials, shoppers started buying games, puzzles, and other forms of entertainment. He said sales are going up in hair products due to the salons being closed.

The CEO shared that people are starting to get antsy about getting a haircut. He said that Walmart is seeing more hair color and beard trimmers flying off the shelves.

McMillion also reported that the chain has sold enough toilet paper in the last five days to give every American one free roll. He urges customers to buy toilet paper on an as-needed basis rather than hoarding the product. McMillon assured that Walmart’s food supplies are in “good shape,” and the only thing they’ve struggled to keep in stock is hand sanitizer.

Last month, the company recognized a strange trend with shoppers. As many people continue to work from home during the coronavirus outbreak, a Walmart spokesperson said many are buying tops, but not bottoms. With many using video conferencing apps, people still want to look presentable in front of their coworkers. Many are sporting their business attire on top and casual clothing from the waist down.

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