Walmart to Start Temperature Checks Before Employees' Shifts


Walmart is putting further measures into place to protect their employees and customers from contracting coronavirus. On Tuesday, the chain announced a slew of new precautions.

Walmart has announced that they will be administering temperature checks to all employees before they start their shifts. Additionally, they will be making face masks and gloves available to employees who choose to wear them.

Should any employee's temperature clock in at 100 degrees or more, they will be asked to return home and possibly seek medical treatment if necessary. The employee will be paid for reporting to work that day, WJLA reports.

These measures are added to the number of precautions already in place to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Walmart has already put rules into place that close their stores overnight for cleaning and sanitizing. They've installed sneeze guards at checkout lanes, and employees are practicing social distancing when interacting with guests and each other.

Walmart is adhering to 6-20-100 guidance, which means 6 feet of distance between people, 20 seconds of hand washing, and 100 degree temperatures mean staying home.

Other stores nationwide are taking extra precautions when it comes to the health of their employees and guests. Just last week, Target announced they would be suspending all returns and exchanges on items for three weeks.

Like Walmart, Target has also opted for adjusted hours of operation to leave time for stocking shelves and sanitizing the stores.

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