WATCH: Talented 'soulful' Dalmatian caught playing piano and singing in middle of night


This family has an unlikely Christmas caroler at home — their dog.

Ester and Rob Mason from the Channel Island of Jersey shared of video of their two-year-old dalmatian melodically barking along to his own piano playing.

The large dog, named Dexter, used his height to his advantage by pressing down on the piano keys with his front paw.

The couple secretly recorded the video so the dog wouldn’t get stage fright and stop the performance.

Ester, 43, describes Dexter as a “big, goofy dog who plays the piano,” PEOPLE reports.

Ester joked that her dog might have been inspired to start playing because she had a copy of the “Cats” musical soundtrack displayed on the piano, according to Metro.

"You can tell he’s really passionate about it," she told the outlet. "I don’t know if it’s because there’s the Cats soundtrack score there? I think he found it offensive and that’s why he was bellowing the way he was. But he’s really a very soulful singer."

Ester bragged that her dog is the most talented musician in the house.

"We got the piano when my daughter was learning, but he’s the best player in the house, definitely," joked the mother. "One night we heard someone playing the piano in the middle of the night and wondered what the hell was going on. When we got up, we saw it was Dexter and we just couldn’t believe it."

"He’s been playing the piano for a while," Esther said. "I barely ever get to see it, but my neighbors have asked me a few times if my daughter is learning the piano. He tends to stop when he sees me because he’s got a short attention span and he’ll run to us to play."

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