Wedding in Minnesota Linked to 70 Coronavirus Cases


A summer wedding in southwest Minnesota has been linked to an outbreak of coronavirus of at least 70 cases.

The state infectious disease director Kris Ehresmann told "Today" that the number of cases had grown from 58 to 70.

On August 22, the wedding reception and “dance” took place on August 22 at KB’s Bar and Grill in Ghent, Minnesota. Ehresmann said the indoor reception exceeded state capacity and did not follow social distancing rules.

Southwest Health and Human Services asked attendees and their close contacts to quarantine voluntarily.

Throghout the COVID pandemic, there have reports of numerous wedding receptions have lead to outbreaks.

An indoor wedding reception in Maine lead to hundreds of guests testing positive for the deadly virus. At least three deaths and nearly 150 COVID-19 infections are connected to the August 7th event, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed.

As of September 4, 147, people who attended the nuptials, or came into close contact with someone who did, tested positive for the novel virus.

The three individuals who died did not attend the ceremony, a rep for Maine’s CDC said. The outbreak has extended to a church, nursing home, and a jail more than 200 miles away.

Last month, twenty-four people tested positive for COVID-19 had been linked to the wedding reception at Big Moose Inn Cabins and Campground in Millinocket, Maine. That number began to rise with each passing week.

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