People are buying pianos, firepits, and more in preparation for COVID-19 second wave


As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, many are preparing for a second wave of cases to spike in the coming colder months. But what are people buying to prepare for this wave?

While toilet paper and Clorox wipes were the big buys when the pandemic first hit in March, many now are looking for ways to make their homes warmer and cozier in preparation for the winter weather.

Work-from-home spaces are already set up, and the toilet paper has been stocked. So now what are people buying? The list, according to the New York Post, includes a few winter essentials.

Outdoor fire pits

One winter necessity is the device that will help you stay warm while still getting some fresh air. A spokesperson for Lowe's explained that many are opting for fire pits at this time of year to make for a cozy outdoor space at their homes.

Cozy sheets

If you're finding yourself getting chillier in the nighttime, it might be time to switch up your bedding. Design manager for Wayfair Professional Lindsey Zborowski said, "Updating sheets, comforters, or throw pillows is an easy way to have maximum impact on an important space for recharging."

Office solutions

Maybe you threw your home office together in a snap when the pandemic hit, but it's time to really finesse it and make it your own. Customers are investing in "functional products to upgrade their at-home routines," Emmanuel Plat, director of merchandising at the MoMA Design store said.

Multi-cookers and Dutch ovens

It's time to whip out the Crockpot and make yourself some soups and stews for the colder months. "Families are looking for efficiency and the ability to have leftovers for meals later in the week," said Mary Rodgers, director of marketing communications for Cuisinart.

Coffee essentials

Nothing like a warm cup of joe to keep you toasty when the weather gets cold. People are trading in their coffee shop habits for more at-home solutions to their coffee needs.

Games and musical instruments

Being stuck inside during the snowy weather has people picking up more indoor solutions for keeping themselves entertained - that included games as well as musical instruments like pianos.

House plants

Nothing cheers up an apartment like a few house plants. More and more customers are opting for the easy-to-keep-alive options, like cactus. "People are going to want to do stuff when this is all over. They're going to want to leave their apartments for two or three weeks without worrying about their plants," Matthew Schechter, owner of Interior Foliage Design said.

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