What Should You Do If You Never Received Your Stimulus Check?


If your stimulus check hasn’t arrived yet, you may find yourself wondering what the holdup is.

There are a couple of things you should double check before reaching out to the IRS as there may be a legitimate reason as to why you haven’t gotten your money yet.

Double Check Your Eligibility

Make sure that you meet the qualifications to receive a stimulus check. Those who qualify are US residents making under $99,000 individually, less than $146,500 as the head of the household, and under $198,000 jointly without children.

File Your Taxes

The IRS looks at your 2018 or 2019 taxes meaning you must have filed to get a check. If you didn’t file for either year, the IRS will need more information to process a payment. Check out the Non-Filers site to provide the necessary information!

Check the IRS Tracking Tool

The IRS has made it easy to track your stimulus payment. The tool will ask you for your social security number and personal information before displaying the status of your check including a payment date. Make sure to check the status of your check!

Get More Information

If you were able to get a payment date from the IRS tool but haven’t received the money, click on “Need More Information” on the Get My Payment page. The tab may give you more insight into what is happening with your payment. CNET reports that this is where any issues would be noted including if the post office was unable to deliver your payment. You can also enter bank account information here or change your address here.

Did You Throw It Away?

You might be thinking, "I’d never throw my check away," but it’s a possibility considering four million people will receive their payment on a prepaid debit card called the Economic Impact Payment Card.

The payment will arrive in a plain envelope with "Money Network Cardholder Services" as the sender, according to the IRS, so it is easy to mistake it for junk mail.

If you have thrown yours away, you can report a lost or stolen card by calling on the EIP website or call (800) 240-8100 to request a free replacement.

Other Reasons

There are plenty of other reasons the payment may have been held up including an issue with direct deposit, mismatched social security numbers, the check bouncing because it was sent to a closed bank account, someone stole it from your mailbox or the check was intercepted because you owe child support. In this case, The Bureau of the Fiscal Service will send you a notice that this happened.

What Should You Do?

If everything checks out and you still haven’t gotten your payment, you need to contact the IRS.

Fifteen days after your payment has been sent, the IRS will mail you a letter confirming the payment, even if it was directly deposited into the account. If you have any issues, you can call the number on the bottom of the letter for more information regarding your payment: (800) 919-9835.

You can also contact the IRS help number at (800) 829-1040.

Be sure you have enough time in your schedule as there's likely a high call volume meaning the wait is likely longer than usual. To speed up the process, be prepared with all the necessary documents including a copy of your most recent tax return and the letter from the IRS if you received it.

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