WHO Warns the Coronavirus Pandemic Is 'Far From Over'


With Americans itching to get back to their normal lives, many states have either lifted or contemplated lifting “stay at home orders.”

Some beaches in Florida have already reopened.

However, the World Health Organization is warning that the coronavirus pandemic is “far from over.”

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general for the agency, said that “the world should have listened” to them months ago when they declared the virus a global health emergency.

Tedros said the WHO labeled the outbreak as the “highest level of global emergency” on Jan. 30 after it began spreading from Wuhan, China.

"During that time, as you may remember, there were only 82 cases outside China. No cases in Latin America, actually. No cases in Africa. Only 10 cases in Europe. No deaths in the rest of the world, nothing," Tedros said, per ABC.

He added that “every country could have triggered all its public health measures possible" after being warned in advance.

"The world should have listened to WHO then, carefully,” he said clarifying that the WHO cannot enforce actions. Their job is to give countries guidance and advice “based on science and evidence.”

Then, it’s up to individual governments to decide whether or not they want to heed the advice.

"We advised the whole world to implement a comprehensive public health approach, and we said, find, test, isolate and do contract tracing," he continued. "We don't have any mandate to force countries to implement what we advise them."

He confirmed that the countries that followed the WHO’s initiative "are in a better position than others."

"This is fact," he said adding, "at the end of the day, each country takes its own responsibility."

According to data compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, more than 3 million people have been diagnosed with the virus. Of those 3 million people, 211,000 died worldwide. Numbers may be higher since many cases haven’t even been reported.

The United States has surpassed heavily-affected countries such as China and Italy to become he worst-affected country with more than 988,000 diagnosed cases and at least 56,253 dead.

The WHO also said there is no evidence that you cannot get coronavirus twice and encouraged social distancing.

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