Why Bike Riding Has Become More Popular During the Coronavirus Pandemic


After months of quarantine and social distancing, many of us still remain cautious when going outside.

As the warmer weather begins, people may have noticed a lot more people riding bicycles. Experts agree that more people have been opting for cycling amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Brandee Lepak, president of the National Bicycle Dealers Association, a non-profit organization that represents specialty bike dealers, told Today that bikes under $1,000 “flew off the shelves." Lepak shared that customers ran to stories to buy a bicycle during quarantine.

She said her company is seeing families coming in looking for a new hobby to stay active during quarantine.

While people still continue to social distance, Lepak said there is a reason why many people bought bikes. People need to work out, but gyms remain closed in many states across the country. She also shared that people are commuting to work via bicycle to avoid mass transit.

Dr. Jordan Metzl, a sports medicine physician at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, said he has seen more bike injuries recently because people are biking everywhere, especially in major cities.

According to NPD, a market research company, sales of helmets, bikes, and accessories were up 75% to $1 billion in April compared to 2019.

Sales of leisure bicycles soared more than 200%, while children’s bikes jumped 107%. Stationary bike sales rose by 270%.

When things go back to normal after COVID-19, will people continue to buy more bikes?

Lepak said her company is excited to get more people on bikes and is very happy with how the business has been doing. She hopes this is going to last.

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