Why You Shouldn't Microwave Your Mask During the Coronavirus Pandemic


If you thought you might disinfect your face mask by using the microwave trick, think again. Firefighters are asking people not to microwave their dirty masks.

New Hampshire fire officials are at the forefront of the plea, taking to Facebook to ask people not to put their face masks in the microwave, despite many across the country being required to wear them in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

"The NH State Fire Marshal's Office (NHFMO) would like to remind everyone that 'microwaving their masks to kill germs' is a fire hazard and an extremely bad idea," the office said in their post.

They supplemented their post with photos of charred masks that had lost against their war with the microwave.

"Cloth masks can overheat quickly and catch fire. Disposable masks also have a metal nose wire and can cause sparks, a fire, and/or break your microwave," the post continued.

While many states have required that their residents wear face masks while embarking on essential tasks, some businesses are refusing to serve people who are not wearing them.

Many are wondering how and how often they should be washing their masks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that cloth masks should be washed "routinely" in a washing machine. The New York State Department of Health advises changing your masks frequently and washing them when they are "soiled or wet."

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