Will a Second Stimulus Check Only Go to Those ‘Most in Need’?


As Americans navigate the impacts of coronavirus, many are waiting to find out whether a highly anticipated second stimulus package will be issued.

Now, lawmakers are weighing several options on how to best help taxpayers with another round of COVID relief.

One option is to restrict direct payments to Americans who are “most in need,” according to White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow.

On Tuesday, Kudlow spoke to Fox Business’ Stuart Varney about the possibilities the administration is considering, reports Newsweek.

Kudlow said that while there are a “lot of discussions going on” regarding the specifics of a second stimulus package, tax refunds and stimulus checks are still “on the table.”

But Kudlow speculated that if a second check ended up in the new package, they would be targeted to individuals who lost their jobs and are “most in need.”

He also said the next plan, which he expected will be more closely looked at after the July 4 holiday, will be based on “incentives.”

"I think number one, there will be a healthy discussion after the July 4 recess about the next move regarding economic policy," Kudlow said. "My hope is we move from rescue to economic growth and incentives."

Kudlow’s comments come one day after President Donald Trump told a Scripps local TV news reporter that his administration is planning on an upcoming second stimulus package that will be “very good” and “very generous.”

Trump’s remarks echo sentiments from comments he made last week, wherein he hinted at a “dramatic” Phase 4 stimulus check.

Last month, Trump also hinted at a possible travel credit that may be considered in a second stimulus package. Dubbed “Explore America,” the credit would give Americans up to $4,000 to use on domestic travel in 2020 and 2021.

The necessity for a second COVID-19 relief package has been questioned by officials. White House economic adviser Stephen Moore previously said “[t]here’s no reason to have a major spending bill” after an unexpectedly positive jobs report from the month of May.

In May, House Democrats narrowly passed the HEROES Act, an extensive 1,800-page bill that would offer a second round of checks to the tune of $1,200 per person and up to $6,000 per family. The bill has been met with resistance from the Republican-controlled Senate.

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