San Francisco Woman Calls Cops on Man For Writing ‘Black Lives Matter’ on His Own Property

Another day, another Karen.

A white couple in San Francisco called the cops after seeing a man writing “Black Lives Matter” on his own property, reported the New York Post.

The man, who goes by the Twitter handle Jamietoons, shared a video of the incident to his account.

“A white couple call the police on me, a person of color, for stencilling a #BLM chalk message on my own front retaining wall,” he captioned the clip. “‘Karen’ lies and says she knows that I don’t live in my own house, because she knows the person who lives here. #blacklivesmatter”

"Is this your property? Hi, I'm asking you if this is your property," the woman, who identified herself as Lisa, said at the beginning of the video.

“Why are you asking?” Jaime asked.

"Because it's private property,” responded Lisa, who was with a male companion. “So, are you defacing private property or is this your building? You're free to express your opinions, but not on people's property."

Jamie then questioned their motives by pointing out they have no clue if he does or doesn’t actually live on the premises.

"But, if I did live here and it was my property, this would be absolutely fine, and you don't know if I live here or if this is my property," he told the woman.

Lisa then declares that she does know who owns the property.

At that point, Jamie told them to call the alleged owners or the cops as he’d be happy to talk to either.

"And that, people, is why black lives matter,” Jamie said in the video. “That's Karen and she's going to call the cops. This is going to be really funny, because she knows the people who live here, personally."

While the couple did call the cops, upon arriving officers didn’t even get out of their car to address the situation, and promptly left, The Wrap reported.

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