Woman Gives Birth to Triplets After Surviving COVID-19


Maggie Sillero's pregnancy was a struggle when she welcomed triplets into the world.

The mother from Houston, Texas, told Good Morning America that she was surprised to find out that she would be having three children at the same time.

"I really could not believe it, and I waited a while to tell our extended family the news because I knew they wouldn't believe it either," she said. "Multiples don't run on my side of the family, but twins do run on my husband's side."

When she was one week into her pregnancy, the mother could feel something that was changing. She shared that she even felt as though her pregnancy symptoms were tripled.

She was admitted to The Woman's Hospital of Texas because her pregnancy was considered high risk. At 28 weeks, doctors monitored her until the triplets were born.

At the hospital, every patient is tested for coronavirus. Sillero tested positive.

Sillero revealed her fear over the diagnosis, worried about how the virus might affect her babies, husband, and son, Alexander.

"I already knew that my babies would arrive early, and with prematurity, there are complications," she said.

Sillero was afraid the babies would face more challenges after her diagnosis. She said that the doctors and nurses were very supportive and told her that everything was going to be okay.

Her doctor, Dr. Dolar S. Patolia, said she had to make sure Sillero's health was excellent, along with that of the babies.

The triplets, named Isabella, Nathaniel, and Adriel, turned one month old on July 4.

"Each of them has almost doubled their weight in this month, which is amazing. I'm so proud of them. They are fighters," Sillero said.

Her due date was July 30, and Sillero said she expected them to stay in the hospital until then. However, one of the babies may go home this week.

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