Woman Hosts Pandemic Parties Using Plastic Pods for Social Distancing


A woman in New York City thought of a smart way for people to socialize while social distancing.

As clubs, bars and restaurants still remain closed in the city, Theresa Smythe wanted to host a pandemic party.

The New York Post reported that Smythe’s guests would be in 6-foot tall plastic pods.

After spending months social distancing in her apartment, Smythe thought it would be a great idea to use clear tent-like products to bring some of her friends and family together.

“I was talking with my husband about how I wanted to build something outside so my friends and I could all sit together, but still be socially distant,” the 49-year-old said.

Smythe originally ordered three pods for $99 each and put them on her block in the city.

She put a director’s chair, folding table, a fan, portable radio, garbage can, and LED lights inside the plastic pod.

She invited some of her co-workers while they all watched music videos and movies on the side of a building from a projector. She said she was happy her first pod party was successful during quarantine.

“It was so nice to just laugh with everyone again,” Smythe said.

Everybody loved the posts, so she decided to host a more significant gathering and ordered 11 pods right before Memorial Day.

“I lined seven pods on each side of the block so my family and friends could all talk to each other,” she said.

The party host ordered her own wearable “walking pod” so she could serve food to her guests.

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