Woman Used Her Stimulus Check to Make 400 Lasagnas for Her Neighbors


Many people have used their stimulus checks for paying bills and living costs, but one woman in Washington is doing something unique.

Michelle Brenner, known as “The Lasagna Lady,” has baked hundreds of lasagnas. She gave them to people in her neighborhood of Gig Harbor, Washington for free, reported Simple Most.

Brenner explained she came up with the great idea to do this after being furloughed from her job during the COVID-19 pandemic and delivering prescriptions and groceries to people in her neighborhood.

She noticed how people were asking for frozen lasagna. Brenner, who has family in Italy, said she wanted to cook the real meal in lieu of the requests. On her community Facebook page, she made an offer.

“You have a die-hard Italian living in your town who loves lasagna, and if anybody needs one or wants one, I’d love to make you one, and I’ll even deliver it for free,” Brenner said.

People were excited to see the offer for the free homemade lasagnas. Brenner was suddenly flooded with requests.

She then spends all of her $1,200 stimulus check on ingredients for 400 lasagnas over the next several weeks.

Brenner has now created over 1,200 lasagnas, which she delivered directly to her neighbors’ porches.

Due to the many requests, Brenner has transitioned to cooking in a donated commercial kitchen space and used donations to purchase the lasagna ingredients.

So far, the chef has received $23,000 in donations, which allows her to keep doing this work. She has hopes that she will be able to feed more than 50,000 people.

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