Once Again Reporters Root Against America

Coronavirus briefing
Photo credit Getty Images
By Newsradio 1140 WRVA

During Sunday's White House coronavirus task force briefing, the "real" reporters in the room went to battle with President Trump, asking him nasty questions attacking him for showing any kind of hope during the pandemic.

The president was also bashed for the idea of using hydroxychloroquine and for allowing grocery stores to stay open.

EWTN's Owen Jensen started the nonsense by asking President Trump if even essential businesses should be closed to help with social distancing:

"Yeah, you know, obviously, we know anyone can spread the disease, alright? Unwittingly. So why not have a few businesses open? Why not just shut everything down. There are grocery stores that are open, fast food places. Why even take a little chance? Just shut it all down until we’re through."

Associated Press White House correspondent Kevin Freking then trumpeted the libs' favorite topic: trashing the president for showing any positivity.

Freking asked, Mr. President, the surgeon general this morning was talking about the coming week being among the hardest and saddest weeks of our lives. He was talking about this being our Pearl Harbor, our 9/11 moment. You all are talking about glimmers of hope and stabilization. How are the American people supposed to bridge those different descriptions that they're getting from this administration?"

Then it was CNN’s Jeremy Diamond's turn to get his shot in as he didn't even ask a question. Instead, he decided to drop in a snarky comment to the president, saying, "Mr. President, the doctors who are treating coronavirus patients, they have the medical expertise to determine whether or not they should prescribe hydroxychloroquine."