He's been hiding a secret from his wife

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He's been hiding a secret from his wife
The Hitman & Carla got an email from a listener with a problem. With the big game coming up, this guy's family are all big Kansas City fans. He's dead-set on seeing it live. Tickets are around $6000, but he's willing to do whatever it takes to go. His wife doesn't know he's been in the process of opening a second mortgage on the house to get money to go to the game. After KC secured their spot, he mentioned it would be a good idea to do this, knowing he'd already started the process. She said absolutely not. He disagrees and thinks she's being selfish and insensitive. What do you think? WATCH THE VIDEO
I agree with The Hitman. He's an idiot. Don't take out an mortgage to go to a football game.
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I agree with Carla. This is very important to him. He should do it.
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