Jeezy takes us inside his 'Verzuz' matchup with Gucci Mane, and making the call to move on

Putting it down for the culture and the ATL

Coming off of last night’s Verzuz battle, Jeezy virtually caught up with Kenny Burns from Atlanta’s V-103 and RADIO.COM to discuss his epic match-up with Gucci Mane and how it all went down, despite their almost 20 year long feud.

Kenny congratulated Jeezy on the “moment,” for “making it truly about the culture,” and “diffusing a bomb that has been ticking for almost 20 years.” Jeezy, acknowledged the praise, but noted that for him it was more than just a moment, "it was the lead up, it was The Breakfast Club interview… but at the time he didn’t want to do it,” which Jeezy respected. Obviously Gucci had a change of heart over the matter, as the two went head to head for the season two premiere of the Swizz Beatz and Timbaland live battle series.

Jeezy revealed that it was important for him to have the battle at Magic City, not only for the neutral location, but because, “that’s a representation of the city, that’s where my career started… RIP to Nando, DJ Nando broke my records in there from the ground up.” And further stated, “I just felt like being in that building was like my home, I felt the spirit”

For Jeezy, the evening wasn’t about “having something to prove,” and while he understands where Gucci was coming from, after all was a “battle,” it got to a point where he realized he had to step up and say something. As he expressed to Kenny, “I was like hold up man, the whole world here, we here for this,” he said as he merged his hands towards each other to indicate coming together. Adding “we ain’t gotta walk outta here and be kumbaya, but like that’s why we here.”

Jeezy wasn’t okay with the direction the evening was headed in, which was quite different than all the Verzuz battles of the past, which had more celebration vibes rather than hostile one. According to Jeezy that was done “the right way” and he had no intentions of letting “this energy take us back 20 years." Saying that would have defeated the purpose, “we could have done that on streets.”

“So for me, I felt in my heart the minute it happened,” Jeezy recalled and admitted that “before I started leading with my ego,” he looked within at “how I felt.” Which led him to think of those no longer with us like Lil Von, Bankroll Fresh, Nipsey Hussle and Pop Smoke, and how much it pains him, “because the name of the game is to get the bag, put your people on, and get out of poverty and out of it.”

Relating it to himself and Gucci, “we got caught up in a place where we didn’t have no big homies or nobody around to help us facilitate it. Money and fame came fast, so when we separate, there wasn’t no meeting of the minds.”

Jeezy acknowledged that with Verzuz he “had an opportunity to say bro, I feel you, but it’s been 20 years, either we’re gonna be 50 years old, talkin’ bout this s***, watching these kids do this to each other, or we gonna show them right now that we both successful and we both came from the trenches and this is where we at now and whatever lil bulls*** we had going on has brought us all the way back to Magic City… and the world watching.”

Jeezy and Kenny went on to discuss importance of seeing yourself past your current self, with Jeezy stressing that in order to grow and evolve, sacrifices will need to be made that some might not understand.

Before wrapping things up Jeezy talked about a few exciting things he going on, including his new deal with DefJam and his talk show on Fox Soul, “Worth A Conversation.” Additionally, Jeezy brought up the growth of Atlanta and for that matter the state of Georgia, which recently just went blue. As Jeezy expressed, ATL, “we run music culture, we’re doing movies here, Superbowl,” and now his and Gucci’s Verzuz was now just another thing to add.

For all that and so much more watch Kenny’s entire interview with Jeezy above.

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