Usher Tells Us If He's Ready for 'Verzuz'

These are his confessions

Usher virtually sat down with RADIO.COM and WPGC’s Poet to chat about a few things, but what we're interested in are those Usher Verzuz rumors and luckily so was Poet.

Usher didn’t outright say no to participating in the internet's favorite Hip Hop battle, but here is what he did say, “Hey look, you guys enjoy the music," adding that as far as Verzuz is concerned, he’s “cool for right now.” Like we said, that’s not a complete no.

And just as we thought Usher was ready to move onto the next topic, Poet divulged she asked listeners to tweet in questions, and Usher was actually intrigued, asking her to share what the masses thought. “So people wanted to see you versus either Chris Brown,” disclosed Poet, and then went on to say that someone even suggested he go up against Micheal Jackson, with a DJ playing MJ’s songs. Usher compared the suggestion to fantasy football, saying “just match whatever you want.”

At the root of it Verzuz is not so much a battle, with Poet even saying she doesn’t even call it that, she calls it “Celebrations,” and we’d have to say we completely agree.

We ourselves have referred to each match-up as a love fest and more than a celebration it brings people and different generations together by the power of music. “The culture that is lost, that is so significant to some of us,” Usher said. “The youth, they get a chance to be able to recognize, ‘oh there was something special in this.’” That something special Usher is talking about is “soul.”

Usher also thought it might be interesting to see if Verzuz would break out into different genres, hmmm, not gonna lie, that would be interesting to see.

For all that and more watch the entire interview below.


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