Shaq says he wasn't shooting his shot with 'booty' comment on Megan Thee Stallion's IG Live

Sure Shaq, whatever you say
Megan Thee Stallion and Shaquille O’Neal
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As we’re sure many of you are waiting with baited breathe to find out the motive and meaning behind Shaquille O’Neal’s “watching that booty" comment during Megan Thee Stallion’s IG Live, he’s officially letting us know that there was nothing flirtatious behind it and the we all need to chill.

Ummm, respectfully no. Sorry Shaq, it’s 2020, so we’ll take entertainment and drama in any form it is handed to us. So when you creep into Meg’s comments to shoot your shot, chill we shall not.

While Shaq sees the comments as no big deal, the internet did not. Even Shaq’s son, Shareef peeped his dad's comments, posting it on TikTok and adding his own, saying, "I feel you pops."

Still, Shaq swears it's not what we think, in a talk with TMZ. "This is what happened America … I was in (the IG Live session). Somebody said, 'What are you doing in there?' And, I typed what I typed. I wasn’t trying to hit on her.” When asked if Meg responded to Shaq's comment, O'Neal nonchalantly said, "I don't know, I didn’t even check.”

Mmmhmm… Sure Shaq, whatever you say.

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