Shaquille O’Neal got caught by son sliding into Megan Thee Stallion's comments section

'I feel you pops'
Shaquille O'Neal and son Shareef O'Neal
Photo credit Getty Images

It looks like single Shaq's got his eye on Hot Girl Meg.

Former basketball player now commentator, DJ, and dad of the decade Shaquille O'Neal was recently spotted sliding into rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s Instagram Live with a spicy comment.

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Shaq, who has been a single dad for almost 10 years following a costly divorce from Shaunie O’Neal in 2011, dropped a message on one of Meg's IG stories saying "watching that booty." While we're unsure if he knew others could see the comment, we do know one person who called him out. His son Shareef!

After seeing the post, Shareef reacted with a TikTok video showing the disbelief on his face with the caption, "I feel you pops" and a few choice emojis.

Just yesterday, we saw Megan leaning into fresh looks both for her face and hair while under quarantine. Seeing the rap Queen embrace a natural look has been empowering for her fans and followers around the globe, and we're pretty sure Shaq would appreciate her beauty even more!

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