Jack Harlow Talks Success, Love for Louisville and What’s Next


Jack Harlow caught up with Mijo from Miami’s Power96 and RADIO.COM. The two talked about the success of “WHATS POPPIN” and its succeeding remix and how it’s completely changed his life in less than a year. 

Mijo started things of by asking Jack, “What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned this year?” Jack spilled, and what we gathered, without sounding to cliche´, is that Jack’s gained insight and learned first hand, that all press is good press. He explained that as his status has risen, he’s had a few “moments” in the media that he was afraid would leave a “blemish.” However, according to him, he’s realized that “it all aids as well, nothing really sticks on you…it makes you bigger. I think my skin has gotten a lot thicker”  

Jack went on to profess the “good feeling” of getting hometown love, and how he finds it “validating” to get the recognition. Saying, “a lot of what I do is for my city and I represent my city, everyone knows where I’m from.” Jack proudly hails from Kentucky, Louisville to be exact, but like he said, you should already know. 

Jack was then prompted to elaborate on his beloved city, when asked  what else Louisville had to offer besides college ball, Bryson Tiller and now him, oh and bourbon, can’t forget the bourbon. 

“Oh there’s a lot,” Jack said with a smirk on his face, “Muhammad Ali is from Louisville… yeah there’s a real culture of success.” Jack continued, Louisville has birthed a lot of fly stuff…Static Major… some legends… we’ve got some dope athletes… it’s a beautiful place to be from. 

The two moved on to talk about Jack’s opportunity for his song “Automatic” to be featured on the Madden 21 soundtrack. They both agreed how influential an opportunity it is to be given such a platform. 

Jack posted about the exciting news on Instagram when he found out the news. Recalling playing NBA Live and how songs from that soundtrack influence his music until this day. “There are so many songs that I know all the words to that I might had never heard had I not been playing that specific, said Harlow, “it’s a check off my bucket list.”

They also discussed Jack’s collab with New Balance, to which he said, “that relationship is strong” and that they’re “talking about some things we got for the future."

They kept on the topic of the future, and Jack was asked if he’ll be dropping any new jaunts before the end of 2020. Harlow answered, “I’ll tell you this much, ain’t no way we leave these year without new music.”

Well you heard here first ladies and gents, while he couldn’t tell us when to expect it, at least we know it’s a comin’, and without a doubt it’ll be poppin’. 

Check out the entire interview above.