What is Glamping? The internet definition: glamp·ing /ˈɡlampiNG/ - noun - a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

I'm high maitenance when it comes to vactioning. I have ridiculous hotel phobias, because of an ex who took me to a motel in the Keys. It's his fault. I blame him for my phobia of hotel towels & I blame American Horror Story: Hotel for my phobia of hotel beds. I always think there might be a dead body sewn into the mattress I'm sleeping in.  

Yet, after glamping this holiday season ... I'm a changed woman. 

I'm the proud owner of thermal pajamas & can now start a fire with flint and steel. I'm basically a mountain cat. I took hooker baths for four days & used Dry Bar's dry shampoo every night & I wasn't even going out! That was a first for me. 

Here's the thing about glamping: Glamping is the answer for people like me who enjoy being outdoors and want to camp, but also like real beds, en suite bathrooms and running water. We rented an RV and stayed in the middle of the Florida. We BBQ'd EVERYTHING. We drank from metal cups & rode horses. Every morning, I was woken up by birds chirping. LOUD AF birds, but cute. Our bathroom was the smaller than the public bathroom stall on 10th street (the beach one). I legit used a hose to wash my pu-nan. The bed was basically a cinderblock covered in a foam pad. The sheets were cozy, but my lawd that bed was hard. 

I loved it. 

It was exactly what I needed. I needed a moment with nature. I needed to experience all that in order to appreciate my King Sized Beauty Rest Mattresss. I needed to turn off my phone for five days & use a polaroid camera. I needed to stargaze with my kids & watch them laugh at the horses pooping three feet from us. I needed to reconnect with my husband under happier circumstances & not pandemic "omg we're gonna die" circumstances. I needed the sound of an actual bird waking my ass up to make campside coffee & not Alexa blaring WAP in my ear. I needed to vibrate on a higher frequency. 

Kick of 2021 vibrating on a higher vibration. 

You could end up loving something you were once so scared to experience due to past energies. 

V I B R A T E till the wheels come off.