The Elf On The Shelf is Unnecessary Work, but Here We Are.

Lucy Lopez Believes in The Elf On The Shelf, but NOT the Work.

The Elf on the Shelf was super cute before COVID. NOW.. it's just adds on to the pile of work I have.  Who is the evil witch who came up with this? I mean, good for her/him/they... but this is for the birds. These kids are expecting a pinterest worthy #EOTS every morning for the ENTIRE MONTH OF DECEMBER. "Oh? But doesn't it put your kids in check?" YES AND NO. YES, cause I like to sometimes just yell out randomly "Did you hear that SNOOPY SPAGHETTI-OH SNOWFLAKE?" & that does wonders at the moment. NO, because its just more work for tired mom. I have an entire pinterest page dedicated to ideas & I'm tired. I just want to drink a bottle of champagne (don't jude me) and call it a night! To make matters worse, I follow @kimkardashian & she's got like five elves on survielance cameras. HOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favorite ELF ON THE SHELF IDEAS (cause I love to be tortured).

5. Make your own monolith, put it in your backyard & strap the elf on that! 

4. Hide your Elf On The Shelf in a bowl of beans and rice! 

3. Place your Elf On The Shelf on the dirty dishes!

2. Stuff your Christmas Chicken with your Elf On The Shelf.

and #1 Tell DJ Zog To take your Elf On The Shelf to the club with him. 

Elf on A Monolith.
Elf on Beans.
Elf on Dirty Dishes
Elf in A Chicken
Elf on A Zog.