1. The Secret Hater These people are hard to spot on your timeline or on your comments. They hide in the shadows of the internet with a desire  to take you down; they have a nose for any misstep on your part & they will exploit it. They comment out of the blue - just to ruin your day. The comment is never nice, it's diguised as bringing you back to reality - but its just mean. You know who this person is. UNFOLLOW ✅ 

2. The Know It All  This person qoutes back youtube videos that were uploaded by retired know it alls. Those same "retired know it alls" once thought the earth was flat & that internet was a fad. The Know It All that you follow or that follows you will find a way to argue their point till blue in the face without logic or empathy. It's obvious they do not occupy any position in life that would warrant such intellectual grandiosity. This person couldn't debate themselves out of a paper bag, but on your comments or their rants: Whew Chile, they're so smart! NOT! Don't be fooled by this charlatan. Expose them for their tired ass views, today. UNFOLLOW ✅ 

3. The Questionable Funny Person This person will do anything for like. The numbers don't lie! The question is will you continue to feed their vicious cycle of empty attempts at talent? Will you fall into their trap? The "I'm fooling everyone into thinking I'm a funny machine, but I'm not .. I'm just recycling the same jokes" Trap? Stop fake laughing. UNFOLLOW ✅ 

4. The Troll We all remember the moment our friend became a troll. It was a sad summer day. We cried with you, yet here you are staring at their timeline. Reading a bio that reads: God First. When you know very well they just commented the most homophobic slur on your favorite musicians page. Really? You want that in your circle? Didn't think so. UNFOLLOW ✅ 

5. The Way Too Emotional One This person acts happy, but are they really? All those "you can do it" posts on their end - but you know they're not mentally healthy. Unfollow them & connect with them on a real level. Let them know  - that you know  - they're faking it on the 'gram. Let them know - you know they're going through it. Offer them help & yes... UNFOLLOW ✅