Kelly Ripa Reveals She Finally Got Her Hair Done After Being on 'Root Watch' for Months


While Kelly Ripa has been pretty open about the struggles that being in quarantine has brought, one of her woes has finally been solved. Ripa revealed that she was able to get her hair done professionally.

While being back in the studio for "Live with Kelly and Ryan," Ripa turned to co-host Ryan Seacrest to unveil her new locks. It's the first time they've been back in the studio since shutting down production for the coronavirus pandemic.

"I got my hair colored and styled and it felt incredible just to have it really done," she shared. Seacrest couldn't help but wonder about the process, making sure that it was done safely.

"So we did the base coat. We did the foils. We did the hair dryer. The whole thing. It felt very safe," Ripa explained.

Back in March, Ripa revealed on her Instagram that she hadn't been able to get her hair done professionally and was relying on at-home methods to keep her hair perfectly coiffed.

“Root watch week one,” she captioned a photo on her Instagram Story — a close-up that showed the roots of her hair coming in a little grey.

She had even previously revealed that she was using kitchen shears to cut her own hair. "I used kitchen scissors," she said. "We obviously don't have haircutting scissors. I cut my own hair."

To keep her hair color under control during the pandemic, Ripa admitted to using a color spray on her grays.

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