Why Does This Taylor Swift and Twenty One Pilots Mashup Sound So Good?

'Baby, just say yes'

We're all quite aware of Taylor Swift's Alternative leanings on her latest album, folklore, with the inclusion of some of the genre's biggest names in the writing (Bon Iver, Jack Antonoff) and production (The National's Aaron Dessner) production credits.

So it comes as no surprise that fans would want to push the envelope a little and see just how far Taylor can lean. YouTuber William Maranci decided to mash together Swift’s 2008 hit "Love Story" and twenty one pilots' hit "Jumpsuit" for a cross-genre track that brings the thunder.

Since sharing the clip on August 26, Maranci's "Taylor Swift – Love Story But It’s Jumpsuit By Twenty One Pilots" has racked up over 17,000 views with users commenting how "heavy Taylor Swift" is "automatically a bop," and some even comparing the sound to Avril Lavigne.

It's clips like this that show the true power of songwriting and the impact a well written hook can have. It's also a testament to the skills of a video editor; mashing up the footage of twenty one pilots' fiery stage show and the fairy tale setting of Swift's has its own dramatic feel, especially when she sings, "You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess. It's a love story baby, just say yes."

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