Man battling brain cancer loses both parents days apart: 'It's a complete shock'


Tragedy struck the family of a Long Island man who is currently battling brain cancer.

Colin Clive was just 26 years old when he was diagnosed in 2018.

Amid his battle, he lost both of his parents Barbara and Dave Clive, PEOPLE reports.

"It's unfathomable what happened to him," his friend, Kenny Carpenter, told the outlet.

"It's a complete shock, loss of words. No one deserves this, but especially not a guy as big-hearted and genuine as Colin,” a second friend, Richie Hurley, added.

Colin initially began having delusion, dizziness, headaches, loss of memory, according to Carpenter. Once he was diagnosed with a tumor that was growing and putting pressure on his brain, he underwent chemotherapy and a successful experimental treatment over the course of two years.

Many of his friends and lacrosse teammates said his parents were a huge source of support during his cancer battle.

Carpenter recalled that Dave, 70, often dropped “everything at work to take Colin to  appointments, no matter how long he needed to stay, and doing whatever he could to support him.”

Sadly, they both passed away just days apart leaving Carpenter “in shock and heartbroken.”

On January 12, his mom, Barbara, 66, was hospitalized. Carpenter said she died for hours later from “pneumonia complications.”

And just four days later, Colin learned his father suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. He was released on January 17, but the next day, which was also the day of his mother’s wake, he had another heart attack and died.

"It's a horror story that you can't imagine," Carpenter explained.

Hurley recalled the priest at the wake saying that “he's never heard anything quite as tragic as this, and that's kinda how we all feel."

With both of his parents gone, Colin is now solely responsible for the living expense and the mounting medical bills.

To help Colin get back on his feet, Carpenter set up a GoFundMe page.

"Our ultimate goal is to make sure that Colin focuses on crushing this cancer," he told the outlet. "He can leave the finances and bills to us because we're ready to step up and we want to take care of Colin... his immediate family is all of us right now. We consider him our brother."

At the time of posting, the page has raised over $550,000.

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