Tropicana apologizes for orange juice ad suggesting mimosas are the answer for stressed parents

Tropicana is publicly apologizing for a recent ad campaign hinting that parents coping with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic keep recipes for mimosas on hand to relax.

The orange juice company received criticism on social media after launching the campaign.

The ad invited parents who are "juggling it all" to #TakeAMimoment for themselves with a mimosa that includes Tropicana's orange juice.

"Parents, you’re juggling it all! Find the ultimate moment of brightness for yourself – wherever and whenever – with a Tropicana mimosa, of course! #TakeAMimoment to help make your mornings a little brighter," read the caption, which accompanied a GIF that depicted oranges, champagne and Tropicana orange juice stashed away in a closet, tool drawer, and bathroom cabinet.

This week, Tropicana took to social media to apologize for the campaign, which was deemed offensive by multiple Twitter users, including a sobriety group.

"We want to apologize to anyone who is disappointed in or offended by our recent campaign," reads the statement. "The intent behind it was in no way meant to imply that alcohol is the answer or make light of the struggles of addiction."

The message continued: "While we believed we were bringing the #TakeAMimoment program to life in the right way -- through a message of positivity and balance mixed with a bit of levity -- we hear the feedback that for some we've missed the mark. Accordingly, we're ceasing any further activity in support of the campaign. We value the comments and perspectives that have been shared and will use it as a lens for evaluating future campaigns."

One critic of the ad was Klen&Sobr, who tweeted in a tweet laced with expletives that, "Suggesting parents hide from their families to drink is disgusting, irresponsible."

Others on Twitter commented that they did not find any offense with the campaign.

"As a mom who likes a special mimosa, AND who still has to sneak away from TEENS to have a hot bath alone....I will be buying more Tropicana! My little brother is a recovered alcoholic & would think the campaign is cute," one user wrote.

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