PHOTO: Woman makes ‘creepy’ discovery after walking around new home: ‘We’re moving out’


This story is something you hear in a horror movie.

A woman has shared her frightening discovery on social media where she allegedly found a creepy doll head in her basement wall, Yahoo! reported.

The couple who found the not so pleasant surprise is quickly gaining the attention of many across social media.

Twitter user @missjellinsky, the woman’s sister, tweeted the photo to her page. So far, the post has garnered more than 540,000 likes.

“My sister moved into a new house and found this in the wall of her basement,” her tweet read.

Users across Twitter were concerned for the couple who found the doll head, which seems to be implanted into their basement’s brick wall.

Many called the shocking find “creepy” and urged the couple to move out of their home.
“Nope, we’re moving out,” one user wrote.

While another person joked, “How much is she asking for the house now.”

Some users even questioned the couple and were confused about why they never checked the basement before buying their new house.

While the doll is still a mystery, one user joked that the house just needs an exorcism.

Many also said the couple should have checked the basement before and asked the realtor to drop their new home price.

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