Santa Clara Health Officials Tighten Up Guidelines For Businesses

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By The NEW Q102.1

Health officials in six Bay Area counties, including Santa Clara County, have now extended shelter in place orders through May 3. 

Santa Clara County officials have also announced stricter guidelines for businesses, with social distancing now mandatory, to try to get an upper hand on the virus. 

Dr. Sara Cody, the county’s public health officer, has reminded the community that every unnecessary contact with another person only increases the chance that the virus may spread from one person to another.

“Since my previous order took effect on March 7—and I know in COVID time it feels like about a year ago—we’ve seen our county’s case count increase from 138 to 890,” Cody said. 

Businesses are now also required to post guidelines for social distancing, and essential businesses need to scale down on nonessential activities. All construction is now prohibited as well, with a few exceptions.

In addressing enforcement of the updated orders, District Attorney Jeff Rosen said most businesses are already complying, but there are two paths they’ll take if they don’t.

“One is to pull the business owner’s license and to proceed administratively,” which Rosen said can be done “very quickly and very efficiently.”

Rosen said the second option is to charge the business owner with a misdemeanor for violating the public health order.

But he said he's pleased by how well residents have been cooperating, so far.

“I’m not surprised," Rosen said, "this is a wonderful community."