Joe Biden to young Black voters: ‘You can determine the outcome of this election’


Former Vice President Joe Biden took questions from American voters in his ABC News town hall on Thursday.

College student Cedric Humphreys asked Biden how he would appeal to young Black voters, especially those who may be considering not voting at all in the election.

Biden responded by first noting how they could be the pivotal group that determines what happens on November 3rd.

“If young Black women and men vote, you can determine the outcome of this election,” Biden said. “Not a joke. You can do that."

He then stressed the importance of helping the Black community increase their wealth.

“In addition to dealing with a criminal justice system to make it fair, and make it more decent, we have to be able to put Black Americans in a position to gain wealth, to generate wealth,” Biden said.

His plans will also focus on funding early education.

Biden said he wants young children to go to school starting at age 3, instead of daycare. He also proposed raising teachers’ salaries and bringing in more psychologists and social workers to schools in need.

As for higher education, Biden pledged to fund $70 billion toward Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

The ABC town hall, which was entitled The Vice President and the People, was moderated by George Stephanopoulos.

Trump held his own town hall on NBC moderated by “TODAY” anchor Savannah Guthrie.

The competing Trump and Biden town halls are occurring after the Commission on Presidential Debates cancelled the second presidential debate originally scheduled for Thursday.

The final presidential debate is set to take place on Thursday, Oct. 22.

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