Lewis Capaldi Says He Writes His Best Sad Songs When He's Happy


Jeremiah and Morgan from The Jeremiah Show got the chance to interview pop star Lewis Capaldi over Zoom on Tuesday!

The 'Someone You Loved' singer reminisced on his interview at The GRAMMYs when he compared his first ever Grammy nomination to “eating a whole chicken parm.”

"I was so hammered," Lewis jokingly remembered. "That whole week was pretty fun, I have to be honest."

Capaldi is located in Scotland, and told the show that he still lives with his parents in what he calls 'a shed.' He named the room he interviewd from after things that never happen in there.

"I've set up a studio for making my second album [here]," Capaldi said. "It's where I've come to seek refuge."

Capaldi has been in the news about his infatuation with new girlfriend Catherine Halliday, and on the topic, he dove into his song writing process with them.

"I write my best sad songs when I'm happy," Capaldi told Jeremiah and Morgan. "Sometimes we deserve to be sad. That is a lesson that we could all learn. I'm a pretty happy guy, maybe not 24/7."

The 'Before You Go' hitmaker mentioned that his time during quarantine still consists of putting on a pair of jeans for the day to make himself feel like he did something productive for the day!

Watch our full interview with Lewis Capaldi above!