Nelly on his 'country influenced' sound and upcoming EP 'Heartland'


Nelly hopped on to video chat with RADIO.COM and Q104’s The Jeremiah Show, who by the way if you didn’t know it is a mega fan. Joined by Morgan, the trio talked about everything, from his St. Louis swag to his shoe game, which he brought to the Dancing with the Stars stage, as Jeremiah made sure to note. They also touched on the rapper's charity work, the Nelly sound and what he’s got coming up, nothing was off limits.

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Rapping, dancing and backflips aside, Nelly is quite talented and when asked by Morgan if he had a chance to be/do anything else career wise he respectfully replied that he wouldn’t change a thing. However, down for a bit of hypothetical what if, Nelly shared he’d “probably would have been playing baseball,” for both the love of the sport and the bag it secures.

As for that Nelly sound, yes he’s a rapper, but since the beginning Nelly’s offered up beats with a hint of that southern twang. With his latest project, Heartland an EP that will most likely be released this summer, Nelly says, "I don’t call it country… because I respect country artists and I respect country music enough to know that Nelly’s not gonna wake up one day and decide he’s gonna make a country album. No more than Tim McGraw, just cause he did ''Over and Over with Nelly, thinks that he’s gonna make a rap album.”

But what the project is… is country influenced. "It’s a Nelly project but it’s country influenced, it’s my appreciation and… everything that I want to say thank you for county music to allowing Nelly to be at the dinner."

Besides referring to himself in the third person, Nelly went on to share the story behind his team ups with McGraw, as well as Florida Georgia Line, but he remains mum about any potential features he’s got planned for Heartland.

For all that and so much more check out the entire interview above.

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