Sarah And Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast: 11.09.2020

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By Alice @ 97.3

 Today on Sarah and Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast: 

6am Alice Celebrity Trash –  The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote a funny story about the latest press meeting of Trump's Lawyers at a landscaping firm, also the Four Seasons landscaping company is releasing a line of merch after the Trump press conference, world leaders react to the results of the election, and the first rescue dog is going to live at the white house! 

6am Alice News Network –  The Notre Dame-Clemson game had a coward of fans rush the field against covid rules, Tom Brady didn’t do good in the football game last night, the National Toy Hall of Fame have announced the finalist of toys that are up for the honor, and some fast facts! 

7am Alice Celebrity Trash –  Alex Trebek lost his battle with pancreatic cancer over the weekend at the age of 80, a recap of Dave Chappelle’s SNL episode, and Al Roker announced on Friday that he is battling prostate cancer and gives thanks to all the fans for their support!   

7am Alice News Network - Stocks are looking good after the announcement of Biden being the president elect, thoughts about going to the airport bar, a group in Rhode Island opened up hobbit house to people over the holidays, a Massachusetts man who was choking on his food while driving caused so much traffic on a major highway, and a couple in Michigan have 14 boys but just had their 15th child that is a girl! 

8am Alice Celebrity Trash –  Miley Cryus and Stevie Nicks got together to do her song ‘Midnight Sky’, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame happened yesterday but there was no musical performances, the Foo Fighters did a new song on SNL,  AC/DC is launching a new clothing album, and Lil Nas X is coming out with new music! 

8am Alice News Network –  A cop in Alabama resigns over his comments towards Biden voters, there is a covid vaccine that is 90% effective, Bass Pro Shops have Sanata coming to their stores, and Vinnie tried to go to the skate park this weekend with his daughter! 

Final Break –  Vinnie reads all your contributions through text messages!