Remembering Roy Halladay's Perfect Game 10 Years Later


On this date, May 29th, 2010, Roy Halladay, one of the most beloved Philadelphia Phillies players, threw the 20th perfect game in MLB history.

Halladay, who debuted for the Phillies on Opening Day in 2010, took the mound against the Florida Marlins at Sun Life Stadium and was flawless. He shook off his catcher Carlos Ruiz just one time and proceeded to strikeout 11 batters on 115 pitches. He joined Jim Bunning as the second Phillie to throw a perfect game.

This Friday marks the 10th anniversary of Halladay's historic performance. The Phillies had planned to retire his No. 34 this weekend, just the seventh retired number in Phillies franchise history.

The anniversary of his perfect game has coincided with many commemorative stories exploring Halladay's life and career. On Friday, ESPN debuts Imperfect, an E:60 that delves into Halladay's off-field demons and substance abuse.

ESPN investigative reporter and Philly-native John Barr joined the Morning Show on Wednesday to talk about the upcoming piece.

"In December, Brady Halladay agreed to a far-reaching interview where she discussed, very candidly, what Roy was dealing with in terms how he became addicted to prescription pain pills, how he struggled with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. It was tough for her to get to that spot where she felt comfortable sharing private details about a private guy. She did so because she really wanted to pierce that bubble of silence that surrounds issues relating to mental health and addiction."

Last week, Todd Zolecki released his book Doc: The Life of Roy Halladay which details Roy's childhood, baseball career, and tragic plane crash that led to his death in November 2017. Zolecki joined the Morning Show and talked about his book and why he chose to write about Halladay.

"He always talked about the mental side of the game and the struggles that he dealt with. Now of course, knowing what you know, it makes a lot more sense. I wanted to get in to that as well, what he was going through. Of course, at the end of his life, I wanted to get into what was going on and explain all those things as much as possible."

To honor the memory of Halladay's perfect game, Matt Gelb of The Athletic wrote a piece about Roy's gift of 67 commemorative watches to his teammates, staff, trainers, and bat boys. He interviewed Rich Dubee about the meaningful gesture.

"I don’t think Roy gave them to us to put them in a box. I wear it every day, basically. It’s my regular watch. What does it mean? You look back and it wasn’t Roy saying, “I pitched a perfect game.” It’s on the box that we got with the watch: “We did it together.” When you think about that, it’s the selflessness that you talk about when you talk about Roy Halladay. It wasn’t about him. He deflected everything. The attention — the good attention. He was all for everybody around him."

The E:60 airs on Friday at 7p.m. on ESPN.

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