Harry Styles looking back on One Direction days is so pure and perfect

Harry's feelings about One Direction are so wholesome
Harry Styles
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He was a part of the world’s biggest boy band at one time and has successfully transitioned into a career as a singer-songwriter. Does Harry Styles hold any embarrassment about his time in One Direction? Not at all and his reasoning is so wholesome.

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The “Watermelon Sugar” singer took part in an extensive interview with Variety where he discussed his time in One Direction. “I learned so much,” Styles said of his experience with the band.

“When we were in the band, I used to try and write with as many different people as I could. I wanted to practice - and I wrote a lot of bad s**.”

Styles not only learned invaluable lessons from his One Direction experience, he’s fully embraced it. “When you look at the history of people coming out of bands and starting solo careers, they feel this need to apologize for being in the band,” he said.

“‘Don’t worry, everyone, that wasn’t me! Now I get to do what I really want to do.’ But we loved being in the band.”

He admitted “there’s a wont to pit people against each other” throughout pop history, but there’s a genuine love between Styles and his former bandmates. “I think it’s never been about that for us. It’s about a next step in evolution,” he said.

“The fact that we’ve all achieved different things outside of the band says a lot about how hard we worked in it.”

Earlier this summer, One Direction celebrated its 10th anniversary by releasing a video honoring the band’s history. Harry took to Twitter to mark the occasion, words that echoed his sentiments in his Variety interview.

"I’ve been struggling to put into words how grateful I am for everything that’s happened over the last ten years,” he wrote. “To all the fans, I love you, and I thank you with all my heart. You did it all, and you changed everything."

"And finally.. to the boys, I love you so much, and I couldn’t be prouder of everything we achieved together," he concluded.

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