Sydney Sweeney: Halsey’s acting debut will 'blow the world away’

'The Player's Table' is coming soon

If we’re keeping it 100, the Fall television line-up is looking pretty bleak. So the recent announcement of the upcoming series The Player’s Table was no doubt beyond exciting, and then once we found out who’d be starring in it, well it was pretty much game over.

The prep school drama series based on the best-selling novel They Wish They Were Us by Jessica Goodman, will be brought to life by a couple of our favorite bad girls, Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney and Halsey, who’ll be making her acting debut.

Currently in development, the show’s production credits include Sweeney’s own Fifty-Fifty Films, Endeavor Content and Jean-Marc Vallée and Nathan Ross’ Crazyrose. Along with Annabelle Attanasio attached to write and direct.

Sweeney spoke to NME about the upcoming project, particularly about her famous co-star, sharing the she brings “just a whole ‘nother level to the show.” And while this might be Halsey’s first acting gig, according to Sydney, it’s clear, she came to play.  “I think she’s going to blow the world away with her acting ability,” she said. “She’s just so passionate about so many different issues and topics that the show hits on. I think she’s really going to be able to bring that to a whole new level and deepen it and make it more impactful.”

In the small screen adaptation of the YA novel, Sweeney will play high school student Jill Newman, who works to uncover the truth about the death of her best friend Shaila three years prior. Meanwhile, Halsey will play Rachel Calloway, a formidable, emotionally troubled young woman who ignites Jill’s journey of finding the truth behind Shaila’s murder. Together, Rachel and Jill join forces to embark on a quest for the truth of what really happened that night, with the hope to exonerate her brother before he turns 18. Ummmm… yeah we’re already hooked.

Sweeney also discussed her interest in Goodman’s novel, “I love building my characters and I’ve been wanting to explore that more. It’s such a great female empowerment story with mystery and male toxicity just driven throughout it, she explained. “I think it could be a really important story to tell, especially with the climate that we’re living in with privilege, and the hierarchy in schools and the hazing process.”

And for those Euphoria fans out there, don’t you worry, as you probably already know the cast is hard at work filming “bridge episodes” to hold us over until the show can return to full-scale production, and Sweeney will be present and accounted for.

No previews or other details about “The Player’s Table” have been released yet, so for now all we have to do is wait, or if you’re up for it maybe read the book, but please, no spoilers, we want to be surprised.

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