The Mens Room Cooks at Home and You Can Too

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By Rock 105


In the wake of work-from-home and social distancing turned to 11, we present to you: Mens Room Mangia! (That means eat in Italian)

Instead of making you read our life story to get to the meat of this recipe, we're jumping right in -


2-4lb pork roast (boneless), 2lbs feeds 2 people for a couple meals, use a larger cut as needed

2 oranges

1 lime



Brown sugar


Sea salt

Garlic powder

Pepper (white or black)

Carnita it up


(To top with once it’s done: diced green onion, cilantro, crunchy diced cabbage and sour cream, sesame seeds are a nice touch too.)


*crock pot instructions at the bottom*


Saute setting, add 3 tblspns oil or enough to lightly coat inside of pot


Once hot, place pork roast in to sear all sides, turning as needed


Slice oranges in half, juice completely


Once roast is slightly browned all over, add juice of oranges, then top roast with spice coating of all spices (including about a cup of brown sugar).

OJ in


Add 1/2 cup water


Turn OFF Instant Pot

Then hit Pressure Cook setting, on High Pressure for 45 mins Make sure your steam vent is sealed


Come back in 45 minutes. Go have a beer, pet your dog, take a walk, get in a couple episodes of the Greatest Story Never Told, whatever floats your goat.


Once timer beeps, allow pot to sit on warm setting for 10 minutes, then, much like the kraken, loosen your vent to RELEASE THE STEAM!


Pull apart roast as much as you can with forks and reapply all spices, add 1/4 of a lime’s worth of juice.

Put the lime juice in the instant pot and stir it all up


Put lid back on and pressure cook for 30 additional minutes. Make sure your steam release is sealed again.


Walk away. Knit some toilet paper, cruise Instagram to torture yourself with food photos or apply belly scratches to your pets as needed.


When the timer beeps, give it 10 minutes and then release the steam.


You will be able to pull apart the roast entirely now. Once you do, displace it evenly in the pot and squeeze another 1/4 of the lime in, stir.


Salt to taste. You can also add additional cayenne or other spices to taste at this point.


Now pile on to some street taco tortillas, romaine leaves, steamed cabbage or onto rice for a bowl.


Top with crunchy diced cabbage, diced green onion, crumbly Cotija cheese and sesame seeds if you’ve got em. Sour cream amplifies this dish, so no judgment on how much you use.

Ta-Da- Carnitas!


If you only have a crock pot, sear the pork and place into crock pot with OJ and spices. Let that bad boy go for 8 hours, shred pork and reseason. Come back at hour 12 and enjoy!


Now go tell Alexa to play 99.9 KISW and hang with us while you fill your cheeks with perfectly cooked pork!


Stay Home. Stay Healthy. Stay Connected.