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KROQ Roq of the 80s

KROQ Roq of the 80s

The Roq Of The 80s!

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  • Played at 1:03 pm UTC
    Come Undone
  • Played at 1:00 pm UTC
    I Heard A Rumor
  • Played at 12:56 pm UTC
    Here Comes Your Man
    The Pixies
  • Played at 12:54 pm UTC
    Happy Hour
  • Played at 12:47 pm UTC
    How Soon Is Now
    The Smiths
  • Played at 12:44 pm UTC
    Hard Act To Follow
  • Played at 12:40 pm UTC
    Toni Basil
  • Played at 12:36 pm UTC
    Its The End Of The World As We Know It
  • Played at 12:31 pm UTC
    Smalltown Boy
  • Played at 12:26 pm UTC
    Head Like A Hole
    Nine Inch Nails
  • Played at 12:21 pm UTC
  • Played at 12:17 pm UTC
    Tom's Diner
    Dna W/Suzanne Vega
  • Played at 12:13 pm UTC
    Living On The Ceiling
  • Played at 12:10 pm UTC
    One Step Beyond
  • Played at 12:06 pm UTC
    Modern Love
    David Bowie
  • Played at 12:04 pm UTC
    Zero Hour
    The Plimsouls
  • Played at 11:58 am UTC
    Let's Go All The Way
  • Played at 11:54 am UTC
  • Played at 11:50 am UTC
    Look Away
  • 7:00 pm 7:00 pm to 1:00 am UTC
    Tami Heide

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