Your Smartphone Reveals in New Data How Americans Are Doing with Social Distancing

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By 100.7 The Wolf
Your smartphone is being tracked to see how far you are traveling from your house every day. It's a massive coronavirus surveillance system to help health officials know how seriously we are taking our mandated "Stay at Home" order, and they are tracking everyone in America. 

A company called Unacast that collects and analyzes phone GPS location data launched a “Social Distancing Scoreboard”. They grade us county by county finding out which residents are changing behavior with social distancing. It uses the reduction in the total distance we travel as a rough index for whether we’re staying put at home. So if you're only leaving the house to go to to the grocery, you're doing it correctly! 

The data shows Washington DC gets an "A" grade while Wyoming is getting an "F". 

So how are we doing? How does Washington compare to other states? And how do our counties in the Puget Sound compare to each other? 

Washington state is getting a "B". 

King County is doing the best with an "A" grade. Snohomish is graded at a "B", and Pierce County is getting a "C". 

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