Carly Pearce explains "That Guy" to the "Next Girl"

Carly Pearce
Photo credit Aaron J. Thornton / Stringer / Getty Images

Carly Pearce's latest single, "Next Girl," is a warning to her ex's next lover about his unscrupulous ways.

“I think these guys come on really strong, really fast," Carly says in a statement from her label, when asked to sum up "that guy." "I think they have a program that they use on every girl to woo them and to charm them, and to make them feel like they’re the only one that they’ve ever felt this way about. I think they do all the things that every girl wants in a romance.

"But then very quickly they turn it off, and then the girl blames her[self], and they have a way of making them feel like it’s their fault, and it’s just not. It’s the same program for every girl.”