The Sixers Have a '76ionary' For All of Their Terms

By SportsRadio 94WIP

Brett Brown isn’t short of personal catchphrases. 

Whether, it’s “horses for courses,” some sort of“pre-mortem,” or “he’s the ah-dult in the room,” Brown’s unofficial book of “Brett Brown-isms” is well known by huge Sixers fans.

That being said, the 76ers head coach, who’s entering his seventh season, also has a number of basketball terminologies you don’t hear as often. Not only do these terms exist, but there’s an actual book for his players, new or old, to use. 

“We cal it, and it’s not my idea, although I loved it—we called it ’76ionary,’” Brown said with a smile. “Clever? We think so.” 

Get it? Instead of a “dictionary” it’s a “76ionary.” 

Not only is it clever, but quite important for guys like Al Hoford, Josh Richardson, Trey Burke, Raul Neto, Kyle O’Quinn and Matisse Thybulle.

“You come in, and you’ve heard me say this—what’s the ‘Malone Line?’ We’re gonna ‘Nash’ this and ‘Varejao’ that and ‘Payton X’ this and like you can just go on and on and on, and it’s quite extensive,” Brown said, “and so we have a formalized book. Like we help new people—Al Horford or Matisse, doesn’t matter the age, just to get that established as quickly as we can, the language.”

Apparently, it’s super top secret as well.

“I can’t reveal the details because it’s the ‘76ionary,’” Richardson as Ben Simmons stood next to him with a smile. “It’s just our terminologies that we use and (Brett has) been teaching us new things on film everyday. He’s been referring to like all the new words that the new guys are learning.”

Richardson was asked if he’s ever had something like this before. 

“Like a name like that, or what,” Richardson asked as Simmons started to laugh in amusement. “Nah, nah, nah, this is my first time. This is new to me.” 

Simmons said the “76ionary” is 438 pages.

“I thought it was a secret,” Richardson said to the media. “Sorry.” 

The secret is out, and whether or not it’s actually 438 pages, if this fairly new and improved 76ers roster gets off to a hot start, you can, in part, thank Brown’s “76ionary.”