Beyond Fast Internet Priority Businesses

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In today’s hyper-connected marketplace, small business owners know that quality high-speed internet plays a key role in the operation of their companies. However, what founders may not know is that with the right service provider, broadband internet can help their firms go beyond fast to optimize profitability, protect company assets, and boost customer satisfaction.


Optimize profitability by preventing downtime

According to a report compiled by ERS IT Solutions, IT downtime costs the average small business $1.55 million annually. As small companies are increasingly reliant on internet-powered tools to process orders and communicate with employees and consumers, even a few hours of downtime can be massively disruptive. However, conscientious owners can prevent their firms from falling prey to the scourge of downtime by utilizing an internet backup solution such as Comcast Business’s Connection Pro. This powerful system kicks in when a customer’s ethernet service goes down for any reason, and then provides a secure and robust 4G LTE connection for up to six hours.


Protect company and consumer information with advanced data security

Another factor that can wreak havoc on a small business's profit margin is an unexpected data breach. As cybersecurity experts estimate that the average data breach costs a small firm over $117,000, it’s mission-critical for founders to take steps to protect their company’s digital assets and sensitive customer information. One effective way small business owners can protect themselves is by partnering with an internet service provider that offers a comprehensive suite of security tools. For instance, Comcast Business supplies its customers with a host of cloud-based security solutions, including Norton Internet Security, F-Secure for workstations smartphones, and Carbonite Pro for cloud data backup.

With those tools in place, small business owners can rest easy knowing their digital infrastructure is well protected.


Secure company property with an HD video monitoring system

Just as small business owners should endeavor to protect their digital assets via a cloud-based security solution, they should also protect their retail spaces and offices with a powerful video monitoring system. As part of its SmartOffice offerings, Comcast Business has a high definition video monitoring system available. With it, owners can keep an eye on their businesses with smart cameras that capture crystal-clear 1080p video 24/7.  With the Comcast Business SmartOffice, users can access live or archived footage from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Improve customer satisfaction with enhanced voice service

As a result of the digital revolution, businesses now have the ability to communicate with consumers through a host of online channels. However, despite that game-changing development, 80 percent of business communication is still done by phone. Moreover, 85 percent of callers who don’t get an answer never call back. To keep from missing out on countless new opportunities, founders should invest in Comcast Business VoiceEdge Select service. In addition to providing unlimited nationwide calling for a monthly fee, VoiceEdge Select features an automated attendant that will receive all calls with a professional greeting and route the calls through departments and personnel until a live respondent is found.


High-speed internet can be a powerful tool to help small businesses grow and thrive. By utilizing Connection Pro, cloud-service solutions and VoiceEdge Select, growing firms can go beyond fast to get a critical edge on their competitors.


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