Business Need Ethernet Dedicated Internet

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When getting a new small business off the ground, business owners have to make a number of important decisions. In addition to location and staffing, owners will also need to make the crucial decision of what kind of internet service they want for their company. While there are a number of different options available, one of the best and most dependable solution is Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access.

Understandably, some entrepreneurs might believe a modem and router broadband solution can provide the network service they need to run their company. However, while those solutions may be fine for home use, they’re inadequate for smooth and successful business operations. Broadband and mobile connectivity can’t match Ethernet Dedicated Internet for speed or reliability. According to Recode, the average download speed in the United States is 64.17 Mbps and the average upload speed is 22.79 Mbps. While those speeds are fine for browsing social networks and watching videos, that won’t cut it for even a small business.

The issue is unequal download and upload speeds. Without symmetrical traffic speeds, you might struggle to hold video conferences, make and receive VoIP calls, share files in-office or upload data to a cloud application. As all those functions can have a significant impact on both productivity and customer service, slow upload speeds of a broadband connection can have major negative consequences.

Another important factor to consider is bandwidth. While many broadband internet services advertise using high off-peak time speeds, their bandwidth has been found to drop by as much as 35 percent in the morning. If your company backs up files, sends out email blasts or interacts with customers over the phone or online during the internet rush-hour, a consistent high-speed internet connection is mission critical. Ethernet Dedicated Internet provides a Service Level Guarantee with your provider to ensure that network availability and response time is 24/7, which can be imperative to resolving any issue.

Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access can also give small businesses owners peace of mind as it provides a high level of data security. A report compiled by the Ponemon Institute found that 61 percent of American small businesses were subjected to a cyberattack in 2017. As the costs related to digital infrastructure damage, theft of IT assets and disruption of operations can reach into the millions, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. In addition to providing Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access of up to 1 gig, Comcast Business also provides its customers with a host of cybersecurity tools and resources such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) migration, Norton Antivirus Protection and 24/7 threat monitoring.


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